Živa Cotič Bizjak


Živa Cotič Bizjak got sucked into the HR world more or less “by accident”, landing her first job at the Profil personnel agency, where she gained experience in finding and selecting personnel. She was then seduced by the challenge of establishing human resources and thus a foundation for growth at a young start-up company operating under the KingsBox brand. She helped set up a four-pillar system at the company that includes objectives and key results (OKR), employee education, compatibility with the company culture, and sports. They have perfected the system to the level of becoming an example to others.


OKR. This acronym is worth remembering if you are looking for a simple tool with which a company will focus on the right goals. Their transparency will increase employee satisfaction and productivity. As a young company, they quickly found themselves in a simple methodology: we set an Objective and monitor it through Key Results. Simple, right? Well, of course, it doesn’t go without some guidance. What should the objectives be? How many key results are there? How is progress monitored? What is the reward? The KingsBox team already has an experienced crew in setting up quarterly OKRs. Not even work from home has stopped them from achieving their vision. They will share all their experiences with you.