Željka Modrej

Culture Reinvention Specialist

Željka holds a Master of Science degree in HR Management and has many international certifications in the field of HR, leadership, organizsational design and coaching. With a rich background as a former HR leader, Željka has accumulated 15 years of experience in a wide array of companies, ranging from various sizes to national and multinational entities, diverse industries, and company structures. She worked in industries such as IT, pharmaceuticals, finance, transportation, and tourism, holding HR leadership roles in organizations such as Bankart, Nomago, Merkur Insurance, and Brinox. In her corporate experience, Željka identified a recurring pattern – that a well-functioning company necessitates a well-defined strategy and processes, harmonized with a nurturing work environment where employees feel secure, can flourish professionally, relate to one another safely and contribute to both their personal growth and the company’s prosperity. She owns her consulting business, ReinventCulture.com, where she has crafted a unique strategic approach to culture reinvention, providing invaluable insights and solutions to organizations seeking positive transformation.


The power of culture: Driving business success

In today’s dynamic business landscape, company culture is not just a buzzword; it’s a critical driver of success. This insightful presentation delves into the core question: Why does company culture matter? We will explore the multifaceted nature of organizational culture, its attributes, and its profound impact on business outcomes.