Tina Parazajda

Leader of Activation and Enabling, Viessmann Climate Solutions

International Communication Strategist with experience in Marketing and Public Relations across diverse industries. After facilitating positive changes as certified Coach, she made a career shift, transitioning from Global Marketing to Human Resources. With her knowledge and emphasis on crafting the best user experience, she is developing HR products and their enthusiasts along the product journey with some of the HR products being leadership development program, employee skilling, health program, change management and various topics related to the future of work. With over 15 years in Berlin, she brings a unique multicultural perspective that highlights diversity in HR practices.


How to develop employee potentials through outsourcing

Tilen will present the possibilities of outsourcing and its potential for the development of competencies and career progression of employees who are part of the outsourcing process. Outsourcing is typically seen as a strategy for reducing costs and increasing efficiency. However, its significant benefits in terms of employee development and growth are often overlooked. Properly executed outsourcing can bring a new impetus to the team for the development of knowledge and skills and contribute to the formation of connected and committed teams.