Robert Ljoljo

CEO, Lek, a member of the Sandoz Group

Robert Ljoljo, MBA, is the CEO of Lek d.d. and Sandoz d.d., with over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He holds advanced degrees in Information Systems Management and an MBA. Robert has held various leadership roles at Lek, contributing to its transformation into a leading supply center within the Sandoz Group. Before his current role, he led Novartis Business Services in Slovenia, overseeing shared services across multiple domains. A recipient of multiple excellence awards, Robert’s expertise spans from global leadership in pharmaceuticals to operational excellence and change management. He continues to serve as the CEO of Lek d.d. after its partial spin-off into Novartis d.o.o.


Is HR the heart or the spine of our organization?

The CEO of one of the largest and most successful Slovenian companies will reveal in a keynote speech how HR is no longer just an administrative service but a strategic partner crucial for the company’s success. The presentation will illuminate HR’s role as the backbone of the organization, not only managing human resources but also actively participating in shaping and implementing strategic goals. In today’s business environment, HR has become a key player in talent development, shaping organizational culture, promoting innovation, and improving work efficiency. Emphasis will also be placed on the importance of investing in employee development and promoting health and well-being in the workplace. Modern HR strategies that use analytics and technology to create more adaptable and responsive organizations will also be presented. The lecture will conclude with examples of best practices and successful strategies that have contributed to the company’s growth and success, with a special focus on the role of HR in achieving these goals.