Nel Hrepevnik

Product Development Manager for Gecko HRM and HR Solutions Consultant at Agilcon

Nel Hrepevnik, Product Development Manager for Gecko HRM and HR Solutions Consultant at Agilcon, has built on her unique combination of technological expertise and academic background in psychology with a series of Salesforce Admin and User Experience Design certifications, and is today leading the way in the integration of AI in HRM technology. As a key member of the Gecko HRM team since 2020, she plays an important role in the development of the solution, ensuring it works in harmony, while being committed to creating a solution that will lead to change in HR digitalization.


AI + Gecko HRM: A look into the future of HR technology

Welcome to a journey into the new reality of the HR industry, where the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will underpin the seamless management of everything HR, employees and managers need. Together, we’ll take a look at how AI in an HRM solution will simplify your complex recruitment and performance appraisal processes. How much time would you save by automating the screening of potential candidates, assessing their suitability and suggesting questions for the candidate based on the job requirements, expectations and company values? Would you welcome a tool to help you optimise your performance appraisal process and take your team’s productivity and development to a whole new level? We will show you how AI opens up new opportunities in Gecko HRM. Don’t miss out!