Matic Moličnik

HR expert, psychologist and international coach

Matic Moličnik believes that a company can only be successful if it truly listens to its employees. Matic first gained his experience in marketing, and later turned his attention to customer experience (CX). He soon noticed that customer experience depends most on the employees, the working conditions and the attitude of the company towards its employees, and therefore started to focus on the area of employee experience (EX). Today, Matic works as Head of HR for Slovenia at Netcetera, an international company, where he strategically co-creates with the management of the Swiss-based company and its 830+ employees an environment where IT solutions for the financial sector of the future are being developed in 9 countries. Netcetera is the digital arm of the Giesecke+Devrient Group, which employs over 14,000 professionals worldwide.


With HR cream to the competences of the future

The meaning, role and value of HR in (digital) business transformation

Too many executives and managers see digital business transformation primarily through technology and business optimisation. The transformation part is skipped over or at best greatly simplified. This is one of the key reasons why digital business transformation unfortunately becomes just the implementation of a few technology projects. The right way is of course the other way around. It all starts with a change in the way leaders understand and act and a focus on people. In this talk we will present:

  • Changes in the economy and society that affect the right understanding of digital by focusing on organisational culture and people (employees, managers, and customers);
  • the new competences needed (which are far from being only technological);
  • digital as a means to increase employee engagement;
  • how to take the right approach to attract and retain digital talent;
  • how HR can in practice prepare its digital projects better than others in the company;
  • why digital business transformation is an opportunity to assert HR’s strategic role;
  • why HR leaders, with a few extra competences, can be fully capable of taking on this role;
  • and concrete guidance on how;
  • what cream cake has to do with all this.