dr. Mateja Nadižar Svet

Director of Corporate Services at Elektro Gorenjska d.d.

Dr. Mateja Nadižar Svet, Director of Corporate Services at Elektro Gorenjska d.d., is a recognized expert with 27 years of experience in human resources. Since 2019, she has been leading the Corporate Services sector, which includes not only HR but also corporate communication, controlling, finance, procurement, legal affairs, and general services. In her doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, she researched the relationship between knowledge management and human resources in a learning organization. Mateja emphasizes the importance of continuous engagement measurement and understanding both one’s own strengths and the strengths of colleagues. She advocates for innovation and growth at both personal and organizational levels. As a proponent of the ‘walk the talk’ principle, she is committed to consistently implementing these values in practice.


How to develop employee potentials through outsourcing

Tilen will present the possibilities of outsourcing and its potential for the development of competencies and career progression of employees who are part of the outsourcing process. Outsourcing is typically seen as a strategy for reducing costs and increasing efficiency. However, its significant benefits in terms of employee development and growth are often overlooked. Properly executed outsourcing can bring a new impetus to the team for the development of knowledge and skills and contribute to the formation of connected and committed teams.