Mark Emdin

Experienced team coach, organisation design & development consultant, Nexi coaching & consulting

Mark is an orgnisation effectiveness specialist who has a fascination with teams and the ever changing dynamics that exist within and between them. He has over 25 years of experience as both an internal practitioner and external consultant. He has experience working with a diverse array of organisations, teams and leaders across various sectors and industries. 
After a successful career in the corporate world, Mark set up his consulting practice Nexi – which means making multiple connections. His approach is grounded in the work and relationships of the team, believing that teams are the engines of organizations where creativity occurs, problems are solved and value is created.
He incorporates elements of play into his work such as improvisation and Lego serios play. He is Head of Workplace Learning at easylaughs, an Amsterdam based school of improvisation and is also on the faculty of 6 Team Conditions.


Leadership is the Greatest Team Sport Ever

Leadership at its heart is a team sport, the team we lead and the teams we are on. The success of these teams is based on how we will get along with each other, get ahead by achieving our desired results and get aligned around direction and purpose.

During this session Mark will go deeper into what each of these mean and how as a leader you can create the essential conditions for your team’s success. Further, how organisations can be more agile and effective by bringing a team leadership lens to leadership development.