mag. Monika Lapanja

Director of the Center for Business Excellence at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana

Mag. Monika Lapanja, in her career spanning over 20 years at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, where she also completed her master’s degree, has primarily focused on developing the faculty’s collaboration with the business sector, a field she also encountered as the Executive Director of the YES Association. In her role, she has experienced various aspects of leadership, had the opportunity to learn extensively, and actively applied her knowledge in practice, as she has led either smaller or larger teams throughout her career. Currently, as the Director of CPOEF, she creates solutions for employee development in companies and shares her experiences in leadership and business communication in numerous business education workshops.


The secret of successful company integrations

In today’s dynamic business landscape, company culture is not just a buzzword; it’s a critical driver of success. This insightful presentation delves into the core question: Why does company culture matter? We will explore the Marija will reveal key HR strategies and methods for successfully merging new companies. We will learn how to effectively manage organizational culture, values, and HR processes to ensure smooth integration and leverage synergies. The pitfalls and challenges encountered during integrations and how to overcome them will also be presented. The lecture will offer insights into best practices and real-world examples from the business world, serving as a valuable source of information and inspiration for all involved in company integration processes.