Klara Omerzu

HR consultant and organisational diagnostics researcher

Klara Omerzu is an experienced HR consultant who, in addition to recruitment and selection at FirstClass, also researches organisational diagnostics, which starts with employee engagement. To this end, she and her colleagues have developed the FirstClass eNPS method, which provides companies with insights into the engagement and satisfaction of their employees.


The word of the year is “engagement” – are you measuring it already?

Are you an HR professional and have you set yourself the goal of improving the engagement of your employees in 2024? Are you interested in methods on how to best go about it? In this interactive lecture we will discuss how to measure employee engagement in your companies in a holistic way. We will answer key questions such as:

1) What is employee engagement,
2) What role does it play in the business results of the company,
3) how to choose the right method for your organisation,
4) how to interpret the results; and
5) how to develop an appropriate and, above all, feasible improvement action plan.

Join us for this lecture and take a step towards improving your company’s organisational diagnostics and climate!