Jure Jeraj

Leading expert in data management and innovations

Jure Jeraj is a leading expert in data management, head of the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Section at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, and program director of the Data Analytics Forum. He leads a team of data engineers at Result. As a data architect, he collaborates in numerous projects, from international ones for the multinational Sixt, to domestic ones like the establishment of the data warehouse Skrinja under the Ministry of Digital Transformation. In recent years, he has been focusing on data innovations and ethical usage of all data producing every day.


Importance od data for successful AI story at HR

Recently, we have witnessed significant shifts in the practical use of artificial intelligence. In the past, artificial intelligence was primarily engaged in scientific, academic, laboratory, and high-tech environments. However, we are now observing the entry of artificial intelligence into business processes, with HR being no exception. We will introduce the field of artificial intelligence and share some tips for its implementation and use. We will learn the key differences between generative and applied artificial intelligence. We will present the essential skills for a successful transition to the world of artificial intelligence and explain why data is the most underappreciated element of successful transformation into a data-driven business. The aim of the lecture is to understand concepts such as data innovation, data economy, and data spaces. The essence of our understanding is to comprehend how, in most cases, artificial intelligence mainly signifies innovation and more intelligent use of available data. The use of artificial intelligence in HR processes, based on smart data utilization, will be demonstrated by predicting the likelihood of employee turnover in a large Slovenian organization.