David Mohar

CEO of e-learning services company Smart NARIS d.o.o.

David Mohar is the CEO of e-learning services company Smart NARIS. He is a bright and successful young entrepreneur whose love for innovation and education led him to found the most successful e-education solution in Slovenia, which has been trusted by companies for 14 years. Smart NARIS, with its e-learning solution Smart Arena, is known for the quality services and breakthrough solutions it offers to its customers. David’s passion, knowledge and experience ensure that the company is constantly adding new and innovative solutions to the problems of its new and old customers.


The New HR Reality: Creating e-courses and learning experiences with AI

We will take you into the world of advanced artificial intelligence tools that allow you to create e-learning easily and quickly. The Coursly AI module can efficiently use your existing content and turn it into an interactive e-course in a few clicks. It also helps you create completely new content based on a few key instructions. AI also adapts existing learning materials to suit the needs of each employee. Now you’ll be able to optimise the e-course creation process and offer a personalised learning experience that will increase employee motivation and satisfaction. With an e-learning AI solution, you will strengthen and develop a culture of learning in your organisation.