Boštjan Trilar

Director Workforce Slovenija at Heads Adriatic & Strategic partner Noble Manhattan Coaching

Boštjan Trilar is the director of Workforce Slovenia and Qonnex Slovenia, as well as a Strategic Partner of Noble Manhattan Coaching Slovenia. He has thirty years of international experience in leadership, sales, marketing, and coaching. Boštjan has gained experience in executive positions at corporations such as Ford, Fiat, Toyota, and Gustav Käser Training International. He was also the mayor of the City Municipality of Kranj and the director of the Barsos Medical Center. Boštjan is a passionate traveler and promoter of positive energy.


Understanding and Integrating Multicultural Talents

In today’s world, we are encountering an increasingly multicultural workforce, which brings both challenges and opportunities. The lecture focuses on understanding and successfully integrating third-country nationals, with an emphasis on Asia. The contents of the lecture include:
– Diversity of Asian talents and methodologies for cultural fit selection
– Work habits and values of foreign workers
– Integrating multicultural talents, language barriers, and integration – the role of coordinators and active support in the integration process
The goal of the lecture is to provide insight into how organizations can leverage the potential of a multicultural workforce and create a work environment that promotes diversity, inclusion, and productivity.

Successful Integration of Colleagues from Asia – A Practical Example

In this lecture, the director of a prestigious Central European international company will share his extensive experience with the integration of citizens from Asian countries. He will present practical examples and strategies that have helped the company successfully integrate these employees into their work environment.