Aljoša Bagola

Creative Director, Lecturer and Book Author

Aljoša Bagola is a renowned lecturer, the Slovenian Creative Director of the Decade, and author of the bestselling books “Srečo, prosim” and “Kako izgoreti in vzeti življenje v svoje roke”, which were the best-selling books of 2022 and 2020, respectively, in Slovenia. In his twenty-year advertising career, he has developed the biggest marketing communication projects in Slovenia and the wider region. He has received over 150 awards and recognitions at domestic and international advertising festivals, and the agency where he created and led the creative department was declared the Advertising Agency of the Decade. He now focuses on lecturing, consulting on creativity, writing, and selected communication projects.


How to Be Okay?

We live in a unique period in history, where we bitterly realize that our well-being and “steroid-boosted” technologies do not coexist well: we suffer from addiction to digital content, depression, fatigue, and burnout, and are relentlessly drained by ever-worsening relationships, which are – especially on social media – riddled with hostility and negativity. The lecture reveals the workings of modern technologies and helps recognize the traps and snares that hijack our attention and drain our precious energy. We will learn why cunningly imposed expectations hinder our satisfaction and joy. We will understand why putting away the phone and ignoring the TV remote is a good practice for being calmer and more content with ourselves and the world around us. By reflecting on unconscious and routinized behavior and harmful automatism, we can make better decisions and develop habits that no longer rob us of our valuable energy.