Aleš Vičič


Aleš Vičič worked as a consultant for more than 20 years and added a psychological tesserae to the mosaic of the results of more than 400 Slovenian athletes, of which 150 were top athletes who represented Slovenia at the Olympic Games, world and European championships. Stress management, emotion control, perfect concentration, extreme motivation, mature self-confidence, and goal orientation have enabled his clients’ top achievements. Dedicated to showing the athletes what is in their heads that will make the difference between good and ultimate results, he actually helped them change their ingrained behavioural and thought patterns all the time. In recent years, he has shifted to advising key employees in companies exposed to exceptionally challenging circumstances; competition, unpredictability… the same as top athletes. They both have a common desire for progress and maximum results.


“In our company, we all know we should do it differently… but we don’t!” “I know I should change something, and I really want it… but it doesn’t work.” Sounds familiar? Why don’t people change, even though we know it would be good? Why is there sometimes such a long way between WANTING and really DOING?
Because we are human! Because the desire for change is as human as the desire to maintain the status quo! Many psychological mechanisms hinder or accelerate the path to change in people: beliefs, mindset, emotions, routines, internal rewards, brain function laws… How leaders who listen, hear and understand these mechanisms can more quickly achieve the desired changes in their companies and employees? How does it help them go through the – sometimes unpleasant – process of changing their own behavioural patterns?