Moje delo is the largest and most recognized career oriented website in Slovenia. It is the top of mind choice for all who wish to take their careers a step further. A majority of Slovenian employers have regarded as the expert and most efficient partner in recruitment and HR for the past 15 years. Our extensive portfolio of services answers the modern challenges of human resource management. We are distinguished by our dedication to development of tools and trainings in the field of employer branding, continuous market survey Reputable Employers that measures the rate of success of investment into employers’ brands. Our career oriented events provide an efficient matchmaking touchpoint between recruiters and talents while building public awareness of careers as lifelong tools that need to be constantly catered to. The largest salary survey in Slovenia Plač provides a national salary database. Our mission is to develop tools in line with human resource management trends by focusing not on the process but on assuring long-term employer-talent partnerships.