Kariera d.o.o.


    The Kariera Group was established in 2005 and has become one of the largest human resources companies in Slovenia. Each year, they manage more than 10,000 selection processes and assist more than 1,200 candidates to obtain their employment. Collaboration with Kariera enables you an access to various information from the field of labour market and employment opportunities. Their objective and comprehensive review regarding their work enables them to know and recognise roles, persons, opportunities and talents. The Kariera expert recognises the requests of the working position and the needs of the company.

    Temporary Placement – Unstable conditions of the market, changes within the industries, adapting to the increased or reduced manufacturing needs and a longer period of absence of full-time employees are the most common features, which lead to a guaranteed lease of a work force from the employees of the Kariera. They manage the entire process of searching, selecting and implementing the right candidates and employ them in their agency according to your needs. Kariera Professional main focus is head-hunting of key candidates. Acquire access to the best candidates, save time and reduce the risk when employing new colleagues. They are focusing on acquiring the candidates with a higher education, competitive experience and ambitions. Get the right people with the highest added value for your company.