HRM Business d.o.o.

    Our mission is to help managers reach the most important decisions; who to invite to their team to make it superb in reaching goals, identify and develop people’s potentials, encourage them and ignite passion for their own work – for themselves, for the company, for the society.

    We recognize talents and potentials by using high quality tools. This enables us to decrease risks and costs of wrong HR decisions and increase the speed of quality selection of resources to prevent the good ones from going elsewhere. There is plenty of fish in the sea, you just need to know how to fish.

    We build relationship
    To be honest, the goals only come second; most important are the relationships – they result in achieving goals. Let’s face it: it has been proven that the path towards effective solutions does not include shortcuts. We implement connecting behaviours into everyday work and we practice, practice and practice some more.

    We develop leaders into best coaches of their teams
    Leadership is not something you do to people, it is something you do with the people. We help clarify and understand the role of a leader using sports. A leader is a role model and a coach who leads the way.

    With nature at our side as our biggest partner
    Workshops take place in pristine nature often reaching the limits of capabilities when we start to recognize our weak points and strengthen our strong ones. We develop creativity, visionary outlook and strong team bonds which are the foundation for successful teamwork and achieving high set goals.