24alife helps organizations to design and implement workplace health promotion plan. The plan contains effective interventions leading employees into happy and healthy lifestyle. 24alife offers effective interventions, programs, analysis and other contents for a better employees’ wellbeing. 24alife and its products are being collaborated with world known and reputed non-profit institution Mayo Clinic. A successful workplace health promotion program is created based on wishes and needs of employees. The vital key to the efficiency of the program is to include everybody – management and employees. 24alife delivers its product content in a mobile app form and web portal while it provides important progress report and tracks the program effectiveness monitored by Human Resource department of the company via web portal. Since we know that interaction with employees is crucial, we also offer different workshops and consultancies which increase employee’s motivation and contribute to overall programs’ success. By using 24alife solutions, companies are encouraged to design and implement the programs to promote wellbeing at work and follow EU-OSHA guidelines and are in compliance with the law. 24alife programs and interventions enable common problem solving which are most common at workplace; mental stress at work, lack of health awareness, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and personal growth. The programs help to overcome these issues. 24alife as a global wellbeing provider of workplace health promotion and it is well established across the market in Europe, USA, Dubai, India and China.