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Dear European HR Community,

it is an honor to invite you to join us at the 29th European HR Congress, hosted by the European Association for People Management and Slovenian HR Association, on April 4–5, 2019 in Bled, Slovenia.

The EAPM Congress has very long tradition taking place every second year since 1963. The 29th Congress is going to bring together the European HR Community for the very first time in a Southeastern European country. Our Slovenian HR Community is very dynamic, and we believe that this enriching event is going to bring fresh ideas in international spirit and atmosphere.

In the past EAPM Congress, every year brought together 500+ participants from more than 20 European countries. Our event is one of the biggest events for HR colleagues in Europe, and we believe that is becoming the “must go to” for HR directors and managers.  It is also a unique opportunity to hear from the leading minds and practitioners in the field of HR.

Looking forward to meeting you all in Slovenia, the only country with the word LOVE in its name!
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Hear the TOP know-how and expertise through interactive presentations

Lucas believes that the most important innovation of coming decades will not be new technology, but new ways of working together that are made possible by these news technologies. The main people theme for HR in Europe is how to adopt organisations, companies, institutions and societies to the challenges of our times. To be relevant, HR should be in the heart of the discussion: bridging differences, building bridges and giving voice to others.

Lucas van Wees, EAPM

Tom has a keen interest in innovative HR and how organizations can benefit from trend shifts. According to HR Trend Institute annual predictions, the most important HR trend in 2019 will be personalisation, which is very important twist, since historically HR has focused very much on standardisation and “one size fits all”. Second important factor, that needs to be on HR agenda for 2019, is trust. According to Edelman Trust Barometer, 72% of employees trust their employers “to do it right”. Thirdly, the realisation that HR is doing too much, and the list of HR initiatives is far too long. What employees and senior management are looking for: more impact, with less effort.

Tom Haak, HR Trend Institute

Agile HR offers a mindset and method of working to help innovate your people practices. We live in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world. Business seeks agility, collaboration and a rapid response to customer needs. While our people seek a personal employee experience and great place to work. Current Human Resource practices are increasingly out-of-touch with these demands.


  • Natal Dank, Agile HR Community
  • Laura Klančnik, BSH Home appliances
  • Mojca Domiter, Atlantic Grupa

Moderated by Tom Haak, HR Trend Institute

Coffe Break

Human minds are constantly reacting intuitively to everything they perceive, and basing their responses on those reactions. Within the first second of seeing, hearing, or meeting another person, [we] already begun to lean toward or away, and that lean influences what you think and do next. Physical attractiveness may appear to have an effect on earnings, because more attractive workers are simultaneously healthier, more intelligent and have better (in particular, more conscientious, more extraverted, and less neurotic) personality more conducive to earning more.

However, rather than physical attractiveness alone, it’s the combination of attractiveness, intelligence, good health and a certain combination of personality factors that drives higher salaries.

Aljoša Valentinčič, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

Lucija’s passion is vivid and full of insights for the 21st century economy. Her moto is“Perceive. Awaken”, and she combines hard-core science with subtle spiritual and subconscious concepts of new science. Her concept is Budnjani 4Q, (IQ, EW, SQ, PQ), the connectivity of intelligences and the methodology inherent to the development of human potential is transposing the classical approach.

Lucija Mulej Mlakar, Budnjani
Lunch Break

If national cultures exist and if cultural differences matter to people who work alongside other nationals, we must be able to talk about that directly. It’s time to lose our fear of stereotypes and use what we know, with caution and with sensitivity to the individuals we meet. This is also a call to embrace your own national culture, to know the other influences that make you unique and to discover the other layers which make up a person.

Richard Farkas, CultureConnector

Emil, even the most successful of the most talented Croatian entrepreneurs, is presenting key sections in the field of culture: the organization, the team in individual. Emil stresses: “The management of the company demands order, structure, results, work. As a manager, you are always responsible – towards yourself, capital, employees, business partners, your company.”

Emil Tedeschi, Atlantic Grupa


»Kadrovski manager« award is an important and prestigious recognition for the HR professionals. It is awarded annually to the most accomplished Slovenian HR manager for excellence in the HR.  With this recognition we emphasize achievements, encourage HR professionalism and reward all HR experts that put their heart and soul into their everyday work and strive to achieve development breakthroughs in the field of human resources.


»Kadrovski up« is a recognition for the best scientific and research work in the field of HR management, awarded to those who just got started in the challenging field of HR management. This recognition is for students who cultivate their love towards HR during their studies and thus significantly influence HR future.


Awards of the Slovenian HR Association are awards for excellence in the HR. Awarded to candidates who act in accordance with the Code of Ethics of HR of Slovenia in their work and behavior.

Moderated by: Jasmina Spahalić, editor of HR&M magazine

Every year we organize a charity run- this year we will collect funds for the Crisis Center for Children – the House of Shelter Palčica, which offers children aged between 0 and 6 years a safe stay. Children come and stay in the shelter for a period of three weeks whenever Social Work Center concludes that it is necessary to immediately withdraw them from the threatening, inappropriate environment.

You will be able to register for charity run or make a donation at the congress. The registration fee is 15 €, additionaly you can donate according to your capabilities.

The running route: around the lake (about 6 km).

First day of the congress will be enriched with gala dinner in a good company of HR colleagues from all over Europe. The pleasant ambience of the Grand Hall will offer you an opportunity for more intimate socializing and exchange of opinions with other participants of the congress.

DRESS CODE: Smart Casual

The hottest HR party will take place in Club Stop.


You can’t lead people in the same way as you did in the recent past if you want to leverage their talents and obtain optimal performance. Today, most successful organisations call upon knowledge workers, ie highly-qualified people who want to make the best use of their capabilities in an environment that affords them the freedom to demonstrate their sense of initiative and responsibility. If such people are restrained from functioning at what they consider their peak level of competence, there is a good chance that they will lose momentum, as well as their motivation, and even walk away. So in that respect, leaders (‘knowledge leaders’) must understand the need for using different leadership styles effectively and appropriately.

dr. Pierre Casse, IEDC School of Management Bled

Every year we include a charity note to our congress. This year we ran for House of Shelter Palčica, which offers children aged between 0 and 6 years a safe stay. Head of the shlether, Manuela Ham, will join us and accept the donation that we collected with our Charity Run.

Modra zavarovalnica, sponsor of the Charity Run, will also join us on stage – their representatives will give prizes for the first three places.


Coffe Break

Wouter will present KPMG case study: How to create a successful engagement with new hires as soon as they sign their contract? Through a unique automated solution, Talmundo helped KPMG pioneer an onboarding-mindful approach, increase new hire retention, and create a working system for pre-onboarding that ensures newcomers at KPMG find their place quickly within the company.

Wouter van Linden, KPMG

In this volatile and unpredictive environment, many organizations find themselves with a paradox: We’ve got too many people but we are desperately short on skills.

Furthermore, new, digitally-skilled talents are in short supply. So, they are in a position of power and they know they are – and they have different expectations of where, when and how they want to work. HR must lead the enterprise and its people through the digital transformation without losing the cost-effective way of operating.

Martin will show you some solutions that IBM implemented in order to face this challenge successfully. These solutions are based on AI-driven technology and help to find the right people, get them hired, trained and developed in combination with a user- centric and experienced based approach.

Martin Klaub, IBM Deutschland GmbH
Milena Dulanović, Ekipa2, Outfit7
Lunch Break

HR professionals should be architects of talent, culture, and leadership as they help line managers deliver what they promise. In the future, the value of HR will grow, because HR helps talent, organization, and leadership deliver value to key stakeholders both inside and outside the company. This raises the bar on HR, but the best HR professionals who recognize, master, and deliver the competencies we have identified will deliver more value.


  • Luka Babič, Orgnostic
  • Bob Morton, CIPD
  • Luca Villa, Acciai Speciali Terni – Thyssenkrupp

Moderated by: Lucas van Wees, president of EAPM and Gregor Rajšp, president of SHRA

Success is closely connected to finding our passion. His incredible story about transformation from NBA player to organizational psychologist, his energy and his organizational/HR experiences and his story of successfully transforming into a totally new career will answer, how to find the source of our passion – individually and professionally.

John Amaechi OBE, CEO Amaechi Performance Systems
Closing remarks
Tour of chocolate factory Gorenjka

We will take you to see our chocolate factory Gorenjka – its story reaches back to the year 1921.

A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: Only the participants of EAPM congress 2019 will be able to take a closer look at the chocolate making process. The director of Gorenjka, Alenka Košir, will greet us and tell us a little bit more about their HR challenges, describe the main HR processes and present their view on HR trends in manufacturing companies.

IMPORTANT: A limited number of places is available for the tour (50), so please send your confirmation now to e-mail adrress

Location: The bus will pick us up at 9.30 a.m. in front of the Hotel Park (Cesta svobode 15, 4260 Bled).

All presentations will be in English. Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program.


Keynote speaker


Amaechi Performance Systems


John is a respected organisational psychologist, best-selling New York Times author and CEO of APS (Amaechi Performance Systems). John Amaechi OBE works with individuals and organisations to improve communication, leadership and culture as a way to grow, improve and achieve goals. His psychological insight helps people understand the barriers to high performance and overcome them. He understands motivation and personal development and the roots of success that enables these traits to flourish.

Prior to founding his own firm, John spent several years as a professional athlete, becoming the first Brit to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Emil Tedeschi

Atlantic Grupa


    dr. Pierre Casse

    IEDC-Bled School of Management

    Leadership Chair

      Tom Haak

      HR Trend Institute

      Director of the HR Trend Institute

      Lucas van Wees


      President of EAPM

      Wouter Van Linden


      HR director for Europe Middle East & Africa

      Natal Dank

      Agile HR Community

      Co-founder of the Agile HR Community

      Luka Babić


      Founder and CEO

      Richard Farkas



      Laura Klančnik

      BSH Home Appliances Group

      Agile Project Management Consultant

      Mojca Domiter

      Atlantic Grupa

      Business oriented Human Resources Executive Director

      Bob Morton

      CIPD Enterprises Ltd

      Chair of Board

      Jasmina Spahalić

      HR&M magazine


      Lucija Mulej Mlakar


      Business anthropologist, CSO - Chief Spiritual Officer. Connected Intelligence Architect® and Director

      Luca Villa

      Acciai Speciali Terni - Thyssenkrupp

      HR Director

      Aljoša Valentinčič

      Faculty of Economics, Univerity of Ljubljana


      Martin Klaub

      IBM Global Business Services

      Cognitive HR Solution, HR Re-invention & Transformation

        Aleš Čerin

        Municipality of Ljubljana


          Milena Dulanović

          Ekipa2 d.o.o., Outfit7

          General Manager

            DAVID URANKAR

            David Urankar is a Slovenian TV host, who you can see in Good Morning Slovenia as well as in a car show Avtomobilnost on the national television. He is listed in Slovenian Guinness record as the first national bobsled driver, competing in Europa and American cup for five seasons. Internationally, he can be seen in various worldwide campaigns, from Adidas, Mercedes-Benz, Vaseline, Jaguar … to Philips, which you have probably seen lately on your TV or Instagram …

            David in action

            Ideal opportunity to exchange HR ideas with your colleagues and make new friends


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            The first day of the congress will be enriched with a gala dinner in the company of HR colleagues from all over Europe. The pleasant ambience of the Grand Hall will offer you an opportunity for more intimate socializing and exchange of opinions with other participants of the congress.

            Dinner Location: Grand Hotel Toplice, Grand Hall.

            Dress code: SMART CASUAL

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